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Lower Churchill and Maritime Link Projects

Lower Churchill Transmission Project Crew1620 Electrical Workers was the sole Union responsible for representing all workers, no matter their trade, on the Lower Churchill and Maritime Link Transmission Construction Projects.

Local 1620 and its members were a vital part of the Maritime Link Project (now complete) and the Lower Churchill Project (near completion), and it is because of 1620’s members that we now have an electrical industry Steller record of megaproject success. Nalcor, Emera NL, and Local 1620 are ecstatic with the results.

We have been very blessed with many opportunities to improve many lives of Local 1620 members and their families through the work on these projects, with excellent incomes, great benefits and much more. Members learned many new skills and developed themselves extensively for the next job and for their futures. Local 1620 is very proud of all its members! They have been the key to our Local Union’s success. They have done an astounding job!

Not only do we have the Labour relations model for the electrical industry, but we have the Labour relations model for any industry. Local 1620 is open for business and we are open to deliver. We must always look beyond and think outside the box so we continue to grow.

Like any relationship, for Labour business relationships to work, it requires full-time, respectful collaboration. To have collaboration in a business relationship is important; it has a better opportunity to succeed if there is a partnership. You must also have an approach to Labour relations, including dispute resolution, to deal with all the issues as they arise. This full-time, respectful collaboration approach must be a priority in every corner of the relationship for the business relationship to work.

Lower Churchill and Maritime Link Project Agreements

Why work with 1620 Electrical Workers?

Representing the Best

Our membership represents the industry’s best and can be characterized by the utmost quality and workmanship that each brings to their work. Their dedication to excellence in training, safety, and professionalism in all they do is a hallmark of the relationship between 1620 Electrical Workers members and employers throughout the industry. 1620 Electrical Workers is a modern Union with a proven mega-project ready professional force that faces every task with integrity, efficiency, and innovation.

The Current, Collaborative Choice

Partnering with 1620 Electrical Workers ensures a modern workforce that’s fitted with the highest standards of training, safety, and efficiency. We bring our commitment to respectful partnerships, labour relations, and dispute resolution to every new project we undertake, including yours. We know that mutually beneficial partnerships are the future of our industry – for getting the job done safely, on time, and on budget.

Industry’s Choice

Employers look to 1620 Electrical Workers for collaborative, quality work that’s completed on time, on budget, and done right the first time – and our members deliver! We are constantly proactive in promoting the professionalism and value of our membership to prospective employers. Following the IBEW Code of Excellence, they know our members have the training, skills, and stellar safety records to ensure each and every job is completed at the highest level of quality.

  • Expertly Trained Workforce
  • Mega-project Experience
  • Partnership-Focused Approach
  • Excellent Safety Record


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Megaproject Experience